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Why do I get up in the morning? — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for doing the work of finding the key scriptures that give us the hope of which you speak. As I enter 2017, I want to live more intentionally – as one who knows the end of the story and therefore can invest where the world sees foolishness, can love when the world says to protect myself, can give when there is seemingly no return, can keep praying for non-believing friends when decades of unbelief would tell me it’s a fool’s errand, can try to sacrifice when seemingly no one else around me must.
    Some days I feel all I want is for things to be easier. What a shallow goal! Why do I stay in the battle for my marriage, for the training of my children, for the souls of the lost? Because, as you’ve reminded me, I KNOW the end! I KNOW THE END!
    Thank you!

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